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About William Street Clinic

A medical practice completes a community and the William Street Clinic offers a specialist GP service to the busy professionals, students and tourists around Goldsbrough Village. Always professional, always punctual is their motto - the clinic’s highly experienced doctors, Harry, Patrick, Ei and friendly, efficient receptionist Enza know their clientele well and pride themselves on managing appointments to time, so patients can get back to work, study or holiday.  To make visits as convenient as possible, the clinic has an online booking service and the doctors can do minor surgery, often saving a hospital trip. Doctor Harry Imber have worked at the clinic for over 36 years and have long term, loyal patients. He has imbued a respect for health so many patients visit when they are well - for check-ups, medicals and advice. Dr Patrick Tai  has a special interest in Antenatal/ Obstetric Care, Sexual Health/ Reproductive Medicine, Men’s Health, LGBTQI Health, Dermatology/ Skin Cancer Medicine, Diabetes/PCOS and weight management. Dr Ei Aung’s special interests include HIV medicine, women’s health, genital and vulva dermatology and sexual health medicine. For the Goldsbrough Village community, the William Street Clinic offers the comfort of expert medical advice right on their doorstep. 

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