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About Rock the Wok

Fast, fresh and healthy-  that’s Rock the Wok’s made to order lunch boxes, full of beautiful Thai flavours. Rock the Wok knows their busy customers have limited time, and wok cooking is the perfect way to get fresh food cooked in a hurry, without compromising on quality. All dishes are made from local produce, seasonal vegetables, and halal meat. Rock the Wok dishes combine all the elements of a healthy meal - carbs in the form of rice or noodles, a good serve of protein or lean meat and variety of coloured vegetables (you’ll find three to four colours in most dishes). There are gluten free and vegan options readily available too.   Rock the Wok dishes are made with sincerity and delivered with outstanding service. All of which has made Rock the Wok a big hit with the Goldsbrough Village community.   

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Mon 9am - 3pm
Tue 9am - 3pm
Wed 9am - 3pm
Thu 9am - 3pm
Fri 9am - 3pm
Sat closed
Sun closed

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