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About Laurent Bakery

A little touch of French elegance and taste in Melbourne - that’s the enduring appeal of Laurent. Offering French artisan baking, bread, pastries, cakes and coffee, Laurent has long been a favourite amongst the business people, tourists and residents of Goldsbrough Village. Village locals pop in first thing for a coffee and croissant for a French-style kick start to the day. At lunchtime they enjoy sandwiches, baguettes, ‘tartines’ (toasted bread with a range of toppings), or an authentic croquet-monsieur (French toasted cheese sandwich), made with Laurent’ artisan bread. Or they might go for something from the tasty range of quiches, tarts, pies and soups. For those with a sweet tooth, the only difficulty is knowing where to start (and maybe where to stop!) - Laurent is famous for its array of pastries, desserts and oh-so-decadent cakes, all of which look as good as they taste.

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Mon 7am - 6pm
Tue 7am - 6pm
Wed 7am - 6pm
Thu 7am - 6pm
Fri 7am - 6pm
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Fri - 7am - 4pm
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Goldsbrough Village
Goldsbrough Village
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